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Silver 2010 was born from thirty years of experience in the industrial painting sector.


The company specializes in the powder coating of many iron products of all shapes and sizes, and also offers liquid coating, sandblasting and bead-blasting.


The company standards are very high especially with regard to handling, painting, packaging and storage.


It has a large internal warehouse of many different paint colors and types always available as well as sample spray paints for each type of paint used.


The company has a large courtyard that can easily accommodate trucks and trailers of any size by providing very fast service while loading and unloading goods.


In addition, Silver 2010 carries out meticulous collection and sorting of plastic and cardboard which will then be recycled by the appropriate companies.


Periodic inspection of our machinery always guarantees excellent and continuous service for our customers.

Silver 2010 collaborates with established companies and technicians in this sector, always ready to find the best solution to satisfy any customer request.

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